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L E V E  L   1

Fujitsu's Chosen Global Sales and Service Partner For Boarding Pass, Printers & Bag Tag Printers.

Level 1 - Fujitsu Warranty

In the event of a printer failure, the onsite engineer will need to contact Level 1 . We will assist remotely, once we have confirmed that the failure is manufacturing defect, we will request Fujitsu to send a replacement printer.  Fujitsu will send the replacement printer within 10 working days using DDP incoterms. There is generally no need to send the faulty printer back.


In the event that the faulty unit is needed for further investigation, Fujitsu will arrange to collect the faulty printer using their own forwarder. Should further investigation find that the faulty printer is not a manufacturing defect then Fujitsu will give the customer the option to purchase a replacement. The logistics costs for the replacement printer will be borne by the customer. 

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