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Engineered For The Environment

Since 1995, Level 1 has been a leading global source for Fujitsu automated ticketing and boarding pass - ATB, bag tag - BTP printers, spare parts, and warranty provision.

We are proven experts in the field of supplying warranty parts and logistics for all our products on a global basis. No matter where our printers are in operation Level 1 have someone at hand to provide first-class support services.

In July 2007 Level 1 became the master distributor for all Fujitsu Frontech airline printers, ATB, BTP, GPP & BPP. As our products are sold throughout the world we pride ourselves on the ability to support our customers who can rely on our team of highly trained technicians and product specialists. We believe in service and the provision of a second to none service level. 
Our customers come first.

We were the first in the industry to create a unique web-based "Self Help" and " Diagnostic Tool Section" to assist any of our customers seeking help 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year.


In addition, our integrated global logistics network and e-commerce capabilities—embodied by our cutting-edge web site design and online services Level 1 are dedicated to turning imaginative ideas into industry-leading service products. We work tirelessly to attain perfection.

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